Magnetic Newsletter Planner (and Content Strategy Kit)

Newsletters suck.

They suck for you because it takes so long to create them. You don't know what your audience wants and/or what to write.

They suck for your readers because your newsletters are sporadic or they reek of desperation and frustration (read: the content is vanilla at best and lacks value).

But, they don't have to.

If you want a newsletter that doesn't suck, purchase the Magnetic Newsletter Planner.

The Planner Includes:

* Who Am I Writing My Newsletter To? - Exercise: Defining My Audience
* Why Do People Sign up for MY List? - Exercise: How Do I Stand Out?
* Why Would People Want to STAY On My List? - Exercise: What Great Content Do I Provide?
* The Know, Like, Trust Factor - Exercise: How Do Readers Know Me, Why Do They Like Me and Trust Me?
* I am... - Exercise: Discover What Me Unique and Create My Awesome Bio
* Create Your Mailing Schedule - Exercise: Determine Which Day and Time My Newsletter Will Be Sent
* Content Planning & Your Promotional Calendar - Exercise: Monthly Promotions Calendar
* Content Planning & Your Editorial Calendar - Exercise: Editorial Calendar
* What Do You Want to Include in Each Newsletter? - Exercise: Determine Sections to Include in Each Newsletter
* Setting Up Your Newsletter the First Time - Exercise: Setting up My About Me Section and Disclaimer
* Your Weekly Newsletter Plan - Exercise: What Will My Content Include?
* Where to Find Ideas - Exercise: Keep Track of Newsletter Ideas
* Keeping Your Commitment - Exercise: Staying Committed to Success

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